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Lets get down to it, a typical morning at the office, you bustle into work at 9:08am, just late enough to not be on-time, but early enough to not arouse an inquisition from the pencil pushers in accounts about your tardiness.

You hit up your computer and see that you have about 87 emails with 36 of them marked ‘urgent’, you then open the first one and are midway through the first sentence of the first email, when the boss calls an impromptu weekly ‘catch up’ meeting where you then spend the next 2 hours, with the rest of your team, talking thoughts and feelings, and all the time  you are thinking how the paint on the wall drying is quite fascinating in comparison to the words coming out of everyone’s mouth.

Before we know it, its lunch time, 45-60mins to ourselves where we can get relief from the morning hustle. We can do whatever we want in this time and we are free to spend it in the most effective way possible, like…Buying expensive take away food and awkwardly holding our iphone and whilst operating our knife & fork, thumb scrolling on facebook to our friend’s latest cat posts and food pics from the weekend?

Alright, we get it, we are all busy at work and things come up all the time that stress us out and create tension in the office…BUT our lunch break creates a wonderful window of time in our day that we can squeeze in something for ourselves that doesn’t add to the length of our work day.

Its time to utilize the period in the middle of the day for something super positive that will help us get through the daily stresses of our day and improve our lifestyle exponentially. The purpose of this blog is to articulate 5 reasons why you need to MOVE on your lunch break! And no, I don’t mean moving from your desk to the shared kitchen space.


1.    Earn your Lunch #protein #gainz

The most satisfying meal is the one you EARN. Sometimes we get confused when we have a long & stressful morning and are mentally tired, we try and fuel up by overeating at lunchtime to try and pick us up for the day, this is a definite MUST-NOT-DO!

IF you train at lunch time you can use up some of that dormant energy in your body and put your body in the physical state where it is yearning for a re-fuel.  This is where your nutritious, protein containing, lunch comes in to play – Woo!


2.    Free up your morning’s and evenings

Not everyone has the time or availability to train in before or after work – if this is you, its ok your still a good person J – that’s why we can utilise that glorious 45-60min window we have for our lunch break, get that easy win-win: train in your lunch break & still have time to get the kids to school in the AM and complete your evening activities in the PM.


3.    Regulate your meal times around your training

Sometimes we get hungry at odd hours. We may eat nothing in the morning for breakfast but then come dinner time we are starving and end up eating competitively for Australia.

Training on your lunch break can help regulate our meal times as it puts the body in a more predictable metabolic state allowing you to get hungry at the most effective times. Training at lunchtime is particularly good for this as it can act as a focal point in the middle of your day for your meals to be timed around – #boom


4.    Stop yourself working through your lunch break

You come home saying it over and over again: “I worked through my lunch break again today” #newsflash no one actually cares or is bothered by this except you! Its time to stop acting like some kind of corporate martyr and realise its not actually good for you or anyone around you to miss your lunch break.

Training on your lunch break gives you the PERFECT REASON to stop what you are doing and get out there and train. Better yet create a lunchtime appointment with a friend and your will be less likely to ditch it.

You will come back to the office less stressed and more efficient with your work.


5.    You will appear driven and motivated and inspire the rest of your team

You use your 45-60min lunch window to get out there and look after yourself, not to mention create a better mental performance for your afternoons work through the release of endorphins you enjoyed by working out.

People will look at you and think “wow, Dave from sales is a real go-getter, he is in great shape and he is a super-star sales man who finds time for himself, I want to be like Dave” Suddenly Pete, from finance, is out there running on his lunch break, then Mandy from Marketing starts going to yoga… Then suddenly before you know it you have created a positive culture of exercising and a more effective work team…. And it was all thanks to you choosing to get out there and MOVE on your lunch break…Thanks Dave.


To Conclude:

So there it is! 5 reasons WHY YOU NEED TO MOVE on your lunch break. I get it, some of us can’t do it for whatever reason, but have a look at the way you structure your day and see if you can work in just 30min to get out there and move as the benefits of doing so can literally transform your lifestyle.


For all those wanting advice on setting their own structure with their lifestyle balance please get in touch: [email protected]




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Michael is a Human Performance Coach based in Melbourne, Australia creating high performance human machines since 2009. Michael believes in building physical performance using gymnastic strength, advanced mobility and barbell strength & power. Building mental performance through constant challenge, goal setting and skill based activities. Building lifestyle performance through discipline and mental drive.