Goal setting and planning for the future is great as we all need some direction and something to aim for. HOWEVER, you can have the greatest plan in the world but if your day-to-day habits do not reflect your long-term intentions you will not get very far!

The idea is to have some BIG goals in mind but start off with SMALL daily changes to your daily habits that will set you on the right path for success.

For example one of my goals is to master my physical body. To me, this means that I need to achieve specific levels of mobility, strength and overall fitness. THEREFORE my daily habits have started to reflect this by the inclusion of Daily Movement, Daily Mobility and Daily Cold Showers (more on this one in future blogs) into my daily habits. This is setting me up for success in what I am setting out to do.


Have you ever thought about your daily habits and whether they are setting you up for success? Here are 3 things you should consider



Make daily movement a habit

1. Habits form who you are so you need to make sure you have good ones


You are not who you wish to be, nor are you who you were in the past. You are who you are RIGHT NOW. Therefore you are what you do every day.

If your goal is to lose weight, but your habit is to eat sugary treats at night before you go to bed (sleep on the excess energy consumed), then you need to change your habit to better reflect your goal!

Conversely, you may have a habit of waking up early every day (including days you do not have to go to work), which is not a guarantee that you will achieve your goal to lose weight. HOWEVER, if you have a habit of voluntarily waking up early, you have greater discipline than somebody who does not, and therefore you are more likely to stick to things like leading a healthy lifestyle and daily movement.


2. Will Power – Do Something Hard to make a Habit of it


Let’s face it, nobody ever got anywhere in life without the ability to harness their will power.

Challenge through movement

Think about it…the easy option is always in front of us to tempt us away from what we are trying to achieve. That’s why things like obesity, credit card

debt and alcohol abuse are so prevalent in western society. Our addiction to fast food, over-spending on material possessions and reaching for the bottle to temporarily solve life’s problems is sending us on a spiral of continual under-achievement!


We can start to overcome this through our DAILY HABITS. Willpower is train-able and you should include one really challenging thing into your daily routine and make a habit of overcoming it each day (first thing in the morning works best). This will set you on the pathway to overcoming other challenges that you may encounter throughout the day. 

3. Move or Die


OK, this might seem a little strong if we take this literally but figuratively this title reigns true! If we do not include movement in our daily habits our body’s muscle mass will atrophy over time!

WE NEED TO MOVE EVERY DAY in order to overcome our sedentary lifestyle and move closer to the goals we set for ourselves. For some things like gymnastics movements, twice a week just won’t cut it!

We can achieve movement by having a mixture of daily movement options that are designed to stimulate our body by utilizing a mixture of mobility, strength, intensity, skill and any other discipline that you are looking to move toward.



To Conclude


The small decisions we make each day such as waking up early, displaying will power or even choosing to move may seem small and trivial at the time BUT, when repeated they shape the trajectory of your whole life.

These small decisions form our daily habits, which form who we are, who we become and how we will be remembered.

So who’s up for that early morning training session tomorrow?





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Michael is a Human Performance Coach based in Melbourne, Australia creating high performance human machines since 2009. Michael believes in building physical performance using gymnastic strength, advanced mobility and barbell strength & power. Building mental performance through constant challenge, goal setting and skill based activities. Building lifestyle performance through discipline and mental drive.