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While I was in University studying Analytical Methods in Economics and Finance, a subject I somehow passed while still to this day not knowing how to explain what the subject actually is, I had an amazing business idea.

It was ingenious; based on my very loose knowledge in the area of statistics. I was going to come up with a way to accurately predict, with 95% confidence, the outcome of sporting events based on the analysis of data from previous competitions stats.

I got to work – reading books on building businesses, studying more statistical methods and even going out to talk to other business owners for some advice on what to do! I was working it all out and working hard to finish my degree and also to research, plan and prepare for my business idea.

It was all such hard work for the next 2 years I was planning, preparing, plotting….Until one day, I sat down to watch the new business investment show on channel 7, Shark’s Tank, and there it was…my idea in all its glory, the business I had been working so hard for during the last 2 years…being presented live on TV… by someone else.

I had kept my life so busy planning, preparing and getting ready for my business idea that I didn’t have time for one of the key components required: actually doing something about it!!!!

We all have amazing ideas! Right now, we could lock ourselves in a meeting room for a couple of days and probably come up with a bunch of ideas that would build a multi-million dollar business, solve world hunger and figure out the theory behind Kathy Freeman’s space suit at the 2000 Sydney Olympics (I’m still confused on this one). But thinking of good ideas is not the game, Execution of ideas and building those ideas into quantifiable results is the game!


The purpose of this article is to identify 3 reasons why you need to stop planning, preparing and plotting and start doing, showing up and executing in order to improve your life.


1.    Planning, Plotting and Scheming….

You have the idea that you want to get fit and strong, great! (that’s the easy part), now you need to make the plan of how you are going to achieve it by exercising every day (the 2nd easiest part). So what do you do next? Start preparing of course: buy expensive active wear, download the latest podcasts on ‘how to get fit quick’, spend money on supplements that your body doesn’t need, consult different health gurus on instagram, watch Khloe Kardashian’s latest snap chat on her recent training session….blah blah blah…you spend so much time preparing, plotting and making plans that you actually run out of time to exercise!

All the time you spend planning, preparing and making plans is time you can spend actually executing your ideas. This one is a no-brainer set the plan, execute, achieve. Once you have done your exercise for the day you can then check out what the Kardashian’s have been up to in their PT sessions.


2. High Level Procrastination

You have the business idea! Woo! You have expertise + experience in the field that you are interested in and you are looking to go after it and make some money.

So what should we do next….? Go study formal courses in business for the next 3 years, listen to motivational videos on youtube and attend theoretical seminars on how to execute the idea you already know how to do.

Yes further education is great and everyone should learn more about the field they are interested in BUT this alone will not build that business or get you to where you want to be in your field. You need to do the hands on practical work that takes time, effort and consistency. If you already have experience and expertise in the field then the 2 years you spend on your Masters could be spent on actually building the business you are looking to build. Even better, you can build the business and then do the masters at a later stage J


3. Do what you can, where you are, with what you have and never be satisfied!

We all have great ideas and for all those great ideas that go un-executed we all have the stories/reasons/excuses as to why those ideas never made it.

In my case, with my business idea, I just didn’t make any steps towards it because I was scared/lazy/not motivated enough to.

What’s important here is that we don’t repeat the same excuses or qualify our lack of execution with some ambivalent anti-truth like: ‘I did not have the time’ or ‘I did not have the resources’. The truth of the matter is that if Barack Obama can find the time to workout everyday then you can find the time to execute your most treasured ideas. When it comes to your ability to access resources then it is not about the resources you possess it’s about the resourceful-ness of your mind to use the resources it has available.

The fact of the matter is that if whatever it is you are trying to achieve was possible for someone else, then that particular thing is possible for you too.

It is time to ditch the idea that you do not have ‘X’ or ‘Y’ and starting thinking that ‘I do not have X or Y but I do have Z and that’s going to get me there if I want it bad enough’.


To Conclude:

Don’t get me wrong we all need to come up with ideas. Ideas are the starting point to anything great that has happened in society. But ideas do not actually do anything for anyone…until they are executed.

So lets stop planning plotting and scheming so much that we lose track of what we were trying to do in the first place and start doing, showing up and executing our way to a better life

But seriously though, how good was the snapchat story of Kim and Khloe’s working out this morning….

For all those wanting advice on setting their own structure with their lifestyle balance please get in touch: [email protected]




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Michael is a Human Performance Coach based in Melbourne, Australia creating high performance human machines since 2009. Michael believes in building physical performance using gymnastic strength, advanced mobility and barbell strength & power. Building mental performance through constant challenge, goal setting and skill based activities. Building lifestyle performance through discipline and mental drive.