I’m thrilled to help you develop your body and mind and I take great pride in helping you along your movement journey

    Private Training Studio – Melbourne CBD

    Private training studio located right in the heart of the CBD – 29 Somerset Place

    Expert Trainers

    Personal Trainer with over 8 years of live training experience

    1-on-1 and Small Group Training


    No, just come in for your sessions with no lock in contracts or memberships!

    Training in the gym that uses gymnastic principles and methodology such as Handstands, L-Sits, Seated Straddle. Anything using the parallel bars and Olympic rings

    Moving the range of motion within your joints past the levels normal in society. We place a great emphasis on increasing the mobility in the key joints in your body

    No, all exercises have a pathway from beginner to advanced levels. The only difference is that you will start at your level and work your way up.

    Achieve Your Movement Goals

    Range of programs to stimulate your body and mind