“Michael is patient, enthusiastic and one of the best Personal Trainer’s I’ve come across. Most importantly, he’s friendly and supportive, but works you hard and doesn’t let you slack off! Thanks Mikey! ”

I was already quite fit and practised a lot of yoga, but Michael has helped me build so much strength and helped me improve areas that are typically weak in yogi’s (e.g. core, glutes, back). Now I have learned new ways to train the body not just through yoga but also using strength and conditioning techniques. Under the guidance of Mike, has brought a more holistic approach to my training using a combination of weights, bodyweight and gymnastics drills. I’ve achieved one of my goals of doing a strict muscle up too!!!

William Wong

Michael Grogan Movement Member

“I spend 2 hours a week with Mike and we have fun while we are working towards my goals we share a laugh or two along the way.”

When I started training with Mike about 7 years ago I was recovering from a bad hamstring tear from playing Soccer. As part of rehab Mike spoke to my physio and prepared a structured program to help me strengthen the hamstring but also address some other weaknesses that were limiting my movement. Since originally seeing Mike and recovering from my injury I haven’t stopped seeing him. We constantly test and reassess my needs and ensure that I’m ready for each new soccer season. I’m 47 and while I might not be as fast as I once was my movement and strength is still good and put that all down to the hard work I’ve done with Mike.

Michael Gallagher

Michael Grogan Movement Member

“Joining Mike will be the best decision you ever make!! Mike is patient and understanding, and will help you achieve your training and exercise goals!”

Before I started with Mike, I was recovering from an injury and had a lot back problems was in a lot of pain most days of the week and found doing the simplest of tasks (like tying my shoelaces) quiet hard!!! Since training with him, I’m doing A LOT BETTER!!! Do not have any back pain anymore and now have more confidence to tackle exercises and movements I never thought I would be able to do again after my injury.

Nadia Grilz

Michael Grogan Movement Member

“My overall fitness, strength and mobility are miles ahead of where I started. Just as importantly, I’m learning a lot of new skills in areas that interested me including weightlifting and gymnastics.”

When I started training with Michael I was pretty out of shape, having not engaged in any challenging exercise on a regular basis for a few years. While I’d done some basic gym training in the past I didn’t feel very confident that I would pick up training again on my own very effectively or safely. Particularly as I had some general back and posture issues to work on.

I’ve now had a great time training with Michael for around a year and have had some very noticeable results. My overall fitness, strength and mobility are miles ahead of where I started. Just as importantly, I’m learning a lot of new skills in areas that interested me including weight lifting and gymnastics.

I’d encourage anyone thinking of training with Michael to give it a go. Michael has a great approach to training that incorporates different types of work to get results in strength, fitness and mobility. Progress in these areas can be challenging so it will help to have Michael’s encouraging attitude and good humour to keep you motivated.

Grant Schubert

Michael Grogan Movement Member

“If you’re thinking of training with Mike I would say you are doing it wrong. Why you ask? Because you’re thinking! You should just do it!”

Jill Butler

Michael Grogan Movement Member