A Month of Mobility

How Long Has Your Lack Of Flexibility Held You Back? Well…GET READY TO (FINALLY) GET FLEXY!

This at-home coaching program is designed for anyone looking to increase mobility and flexibility throughout your entire body

How much could you improve with a month DEDICATED to improving your mobility and flexibility?

Throughout the 30 days you will be guided through the program by Michael, your Online Coach, to keep you accountable and to provide ongoing feedback and support each day.

The program concentrates on 3 main mobility exercises as the basis for your program:

1. STANDING PIKE which will develop length into the hamstrings and lower back

2. GYMNASTICS BACK BRIDGE. Which creates mobility, strength and length into the upper back, hips and spine

3. GYMNASTICS PANCAKE. Which develops length in the adductors, hamstring and hips

Over the 30 days you will work on these 3 areas to improve your overall mobility and flexibility from head to toe.

We will assess your mobility on day 1 and then repeat the assessment on day 30 to see how much you have improved over the course of the program.

This program is designed to be done entirely within your home. All you need is an exercise mat and a towel to work with.

All programming is delivered directly to your phone, with videos of each exercises included as well as ongoing coaching support throughout the program

$69 For Full Program Access, Online Coaching Support & Exercise Videos Direct To Your Phone

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A Month of Mobility Online Program