12 Weeks to Warrior
Online Coaching

Our 12 week online coaching program will take you on a journey from a broken body to a Bodyweight Warrior!

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Month of Mobility

This at-home coaching program is designed for anyone looking to increase mobility and flexibility throughout your entire body.

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6 Week Tailored Training Program

Take your training to the next level with tailored guidance for training at home or in the gym, ideal for those looking to achieve a specific goal.

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Online Handstand

This at home program is designed for anyone looking to build a rock solid handstand and build a lifelong practice.

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Michael’s an excellent trainer and his sessions are always a lot of fun. He has great focus on mobility and tailors all the workout plans to your goals, abilities, adjusts for any injuries and keeps you accountable. Michael’s attention to detail and form ensures optimal results without injury. I would highly recommend Michael.

Wendy Lau

I’ve been training with Michael for over 18 months. He is a great trainer, very encouraging, supportive and passionate about fitness and good health. He designs the sessions for results, and his attention to detail has significantly improved my strength and flexibility and helped me in correcting poor habits. I look forward to each session and can’t recommend Michael enough.

Lina Robinson

Not your average work out session. Michael knowledge about body movement and combining that with yoga inspired workouts keeps your heart pumping without be boring. Highly recommend. Top bloke too.

Levi Frost

Michael brings a huge amount of knowledge, skill and consistent enthusiasm to every session. His focus on combining strength and mobility has given me great results. Highly recommended.

Grant Schubert

Michael provides an abundance of knowledge with a detailed personal plan to achieve your goals. His passion and energy in every session keeps me motivated. I highly recommend Michael Grogan Movement for a unique personal fitness experience.

Lawrance Harding