6 Week Tailored Training Program

Take your training to the next level with our Personalised 6 Week Training Blocks


This program is for people looking for tailored guidance with their training at home or in the gym and are looking to achieve a specific goal like improve mobility, increase strength or weight loss.

Best thing about it is that it is designed to be done to fit in your personal goals and situation. So if you are looking to train at the gym, at home or in the local park we will design the program to fit in with you.

Throughout the 6 weeks you will be guided through the program by Michael, your Online Coach, to keep you accountable and to provide ongoing feedback and support each day.

How the program works:


  • Fill in a Goals Sheet to let us know what your goals are for the next 6 weeks
  • Email in what equipment (if any) you have available. None is fine.
  • We create and deliver your individualised training program directly to your phone each day for the next 6 weeks via our software app truecoach
  • Michael, your online coach, will check in on a weekly basis to make any changes required to your program and to keep you accountable to your goals!

$79 For 6 Week Program Block including Goal Setting, Online Coaching Support, Tailored Program & Exercise Videos Direct To Your Phone

Personalised 6 Week Training Blocks Online Program

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