12 Weeks to Warrior Online Coaching

Go on a journey from broken body to a bodyweight warrior!

Have you always wanted to have a strong, lean and flexible body that is capable of mastering its own bodyweight strength? Then our online program is for you!

Our 12 week online coaching program will take you on a journey from a broken body to a Bodyweight Warrior! Our step by step process teaches you how create a flexible & mobile body using our ‘mobility essentials repertoire’ and master the ‘bodyweight strength essentials’ programs. These programs include handstand, ring muscle up & pistol squat, live a lifestyle that maintains a lean, athletic physique by adopting our ‘lifestyle checklist’ throughout the program.

How the program works:

At the beginning of the program your will fill out a 12 week goals sheet to set some measurable outcomes to achieve throughout the program. You will then complete some basic strength and mobility testing to gauge your starting level.

You will then complete the program with guidance from your Online Coach who will provide you daily focus, training and accountability to compete your workouts and make sure your lifestyle is on track.

WEEK 1-4: Mobility Essentials Program, Bodyweight Strength Essentials Program, Lifestyle Checklist

WEEK 5-8: Movement Capacity Skills: Handstand, Muscle up, Pistol Squat, Animal Movement

WEEK 9-12: Movement Performance: Handstand holds, Full Muscle Up, Strength & Conditioning

Key outcomes: Improved flexibility & mobility, improve bodyweight strength, core strength, increase lean muscle mass all over the body.

The 12 week program is only $49 per week for the first 10 participants! Which includes your personal online coach, full programming and accountability throughout the program.

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